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Waders for “Kids In The Creek” »

.: Friends :. Category, submitted January 20th, 2009

The Friends of Northwest Hatcheries, in cooperation with Cascadia Conservation District, have supplied waders for the Kids In The Creek Project. [Continue Reading]

Education About the Benefits of Recycling »

.: Friends :. Category, submitted December 19th, 2007

A Legacy of 90,000 Pounds of Trash?

A 150 lb. adult will leave 90,000 pounds of trash for the next generation. Yikes! Leavenworth Recycles (LR) and the Friends of the Northwest Hatcheries (FNWH) have joined together to leave a better legacy. Close to ten thousand students and adults were educated about the benefits of recycling in our community while reducing the waste at this year’s Salmon Festival. [Continue Reading]

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